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Welcome to the Wiki

Welcome to the Road Runner1 wiki this wiki is basically about anything real or fanon. So make anything but nothing inappriote. Anyone can edit this wiki so if you want start now! enjoy.


This wiki was founded on May 24, 2014 after the founder Road Runner1 decided to make a wiki of his own, and a day later is when other users had began to edit, as this wiki can go a little un-active for a few days, but are users try to edit as much as they can here, and its always nice to have new users come around and edit too!


If you're a friend of Master Bravenwolf/HyperSonicCraft you better get out, unless you're willing to not have contact with him on this wiki (as he is blocked for infinite here) though this only applies if you're an admin and he begs you to unblock him here (again only if you're an admin here), and if you have came here under Bravenwolf's leadership to vandalize or something you better watch out.


These are the admins of this wiki, go to them if you need help.

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Past users of the week

A user will be picked each week and after the week has ended their username will be placed here and they can be user of the week 3 times in a row and wouldn't be able to be picked for a week.

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Affilated Wikis

These are the wikis that have been officially affilated with Road Runner1 wiki by the founder of this wiki Road Runner1 and the founder/owner of that wiki both agreeing on being offically affilated. If you have a wiki and you wish for your wiki to be affilated with this wiki then you can ask me on my message wall and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible Message Wall:Road Runner1 - Road Runner1 Wiki.

Tominator777 In The 2nd World Wiki

SpongeBob Galaxy Wiki

ATBF and Friends Wiki

OHSAA Football Wiki

Important for admins

Just a little reminder any admin that hasn't been active for 2 months will be demoted, but admins that are active will of course keep there powers. Note that being in chat won't count as active.

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